The One Thing

This morning on my way out the door, I intuitively stopped in front of my kitchen window which faces west, rang the little bell on the window sill, placed my hands over my heart space and said a prayer to the Goddess of the West. Because west, for me, is associated with water and the emotions I prayed for uplifted emotions and a blessing of love in my home along with a clearing of negativity from the air. This was the first time that I addressed a directional energy as “Goddess.” The whole thing came to me organically as I paused at the window, it fell out of my mouth and onto my breath so quickly I realized I couldn’t question it as it had already begun. On my way to work I wondered at what happened. Water, in my magical system, is feminine so it makes sense that west would be engendered by a goddess, likewise I might consider south to be a god as fire is a masculine energy to me. Magical systems work no matter what system they are because we give them the power to work and they work best when we employ consistency in that system. What I did was consistent with the arrangement of my thinking/system and so, for me, it felt solid but it still had me thinking.

What about the wisdom of the One Thing?

The little magics and entreatys, the altars, the mantras, the talismans, blessings, goods made and enchanted, the divinations, the writings of my faith (any faith)…are the workings of mind in the physical world to unite with Spirit who we are already united with. At the heart of all mystery schools and ancient wisdom is the idea that there is only One Thing. EST UNA SOLA RES -This is the Latin inscription on Arthur Edward Waite’s simple grave marker and it translates ‘there is only one thing.’ Waite is well known as a Golden Dawn member and the creator of the Rider Waite Smith tarot pack with artist Pamela Coleman Smith. What a beautiful distillate of belief and commemoration for Waite. This simple truth of the One Thing teaches us that we are already one with God consciousness, the life force of the universe is in everything and it is the animating force of our purest existence. As Jalaluddin Rumi put it,

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.”

We seek repeatedly to come into an alignment that is inherent to our being, an alignment that we already possess. It is the natural state of things. It is Sat Chit Ananda- consciousness is pure bliss.

This world has all the potential- as above, so below- to become heaven, we are the divine personified. Being so personified in the material world such as we are we perceive the world through the mind as individuals, an experience the One Thing requires to know itself. Hence, we need to know ourselves and the circle of oneness then becomes complete. How to know ourselves? Know God or Goddess or Spirit or Oneness… our names are important in defining our experience of the One Thing but they are only vocabulary and they are personal to each of us. Stillness will always bring us right to the heart of Unity yet we live lives of human trial and triumph. We feel our separateness. It pains us. We cant get close enough, to Spirit or to each other. Despite our fleeting moments of divine oneness and union to our god consciousness the mind still requires the tricks of the Shaman/Magician archetype to pull us out of the spiral of separation so that we can better perceive the truth of this teaching. There is only one thing and it encapsulates ourselves, the cosmos, Spirit, it is the World card of the major acana of the tarot.

My little prayer this morning did change something and it was useful. It allowed my thinking mind the space to stop, honor the divine, align myself with the intention to bring in love, to clear the air, to know the aspect of the One Thing that I needed was available to me. On one level we can know the World, the whole, the truth of the One Thing but it is through the agency of the Magician that we utilize the tools of this physical existence to make the magic that sets us free from the illusion of separateness. Like Dorothy we have had it in us all along but these little magics help us to believe in our own divinity, no matter what teaching or school we follow or what words of power we use or who we call to ~there is only one thing. We can connect to it however we like because it is all there is and it is never not there.

xoxo Lis




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